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Re: Stages and Theatrix

In a message dated 95-12-30 21:12:36 EST, you write:

Thanks for your post!  I know I'm not ready to spit my beloved I5 along the
fwy yet.  My engine is strong, with 35K post rebuild, but the turbo has 166K
on it (I figure worst case, only owning the car 4 months).  But in another 15
or 16 months, I plan on "pushing the envelope" a bit.  Which reminds me -
there usta be a 2.5 liter stroker crank around for these babies - maybe via
Techtonics?  Have you any experience with those (or heard of anyone...)?


The 2.5 stroker will work well, but for the $3k I would find a lot of other
places to spend my money......  For that kind of change the 20v turbo starts
to look like a good upgrade......  The crank on the audis is basically
bulletproof, and the stroker kit requires a reweld, and tho I have never had
prollums with cars with welded cranks, I question why one would take the best
part of a bulletproof motor (the bottom end) and compromise it......  Do the
headwork the computer stuff, the bigger turbo, exh, and intake mods, I know
you can get to the 400hp level with the 10v, without the 2.5
conversion.......  NJTH