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Re: Honey in my Comb

On 31 Dec 95 at 11:12, PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> To rmove the 7 bolts with a 12mm and 13mm wrench holding the cat in place,
> taking a hammer and a 2 foot screw driver, or any other tool to it, IS
> ILLEGAL, private or commercial shop.......  Not sure on a N/A car the gains
> would be worth the hassle.....  I heard on the turbos it makes big power
> gains......   But it IS ILLEGAL to even think about it anyway
Thanks for noting the illegality of disabling the cat.  I've come 
across several people over the years who, rather than simply removing 
the converter, hollow it out (also ILLEGAL).  I can imagine two 
variations to this.  The first involves removing ALL the catalyst 
from the unit.  I assume this would leave a large empty chamber 
inside the catalytic converter, and cause some turbulence in the 
exhaust gases.  How much difference would this make in driveability 
and performance?
The second variation would involve drilling a hole through the 
catalyst equal to the inner diameter of the adjoining exhaust pipes.  
Legality aside, would this be feasible?  And would it eliminate the 
turbulence mentioned earlier?

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