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Re: Honey in my Comb

In a message dated 95-12-31 14:19:36 EST, you write:

>from the unit.  I assume this would leave a large empty chamber 
>inside the catalytic converter, and cause some turbulence in the 
>exhaust gases.  How much difference would this make in driveability 
>and performance?
The reduction in backpressure would offset the gains in turbulence, I would

>The second variation would involve drilling a hole through the 
>catalyst equal to the inner diameter of the adjoining exhaust pipes.  
>Legality aside, would this be feasible?  And would it eliminate the 
>turbulence mentioned earlier?
I would think so..........  however you stand the risk of compromising the
structure of the innerds, and that could result in clogged mufflers
downstream.....  And its ILLEGAL/////