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Southeastern parts/service

I was home for the holidays and the Audi gods must have thought Jesus was 
getting all the attention.  My driver side front wheel hub finally 
wallowed in the bearing so bad it was popping pretty consistantly.  Since 
I had some driving ahead of me, I decided it should be fixed.  I took the 
front suspension off and checked everything.  The hub was pretty bad.  So 
I figured I'd go over to Carey's (Anderson's Imports - where my parts 
cars are) and get the whole strut assembly off of it to put on mine, 
since I was leaving that evening.  I ended up having to press the hub out 
of the parts car strut (my dad stripped the allen-head on top of the 
insert) and press it and a bearing into my strut.  It just so happened 
that Carey (he lives right down the road from my house - I bought my car 
from him) had two Audi 4k wheel bearings that he ordered but never used.  
Yeah!!!  I got everything back together and was on my way.

While I was at Carey's, he told me he had 3 I5's he needed to get rid of 
and a set of Audi alloy 4 lug 14X6.5" wheels.  One of the I5's came out 
of an '81 4k that he bought at an auction for a 1.8L to put in another 
car he was fixing.  I didn't realize the 4k came with a 5cyl.  It has a 
slushbox attached.  He might even swap somebody for a good 4cyl.  All 
three engines are in good working order and he's REALLY wanting to move 
'em out of his shop.  We're talking good prices here.  He also does most 
any kind of service.  He's kinda slow, but is very honest - to the point 
of having very reasonable prices on service.

If anyone is interested, I'll post his number.  He's located near 
Greenville/Spartanburg South Carolina - two and a half hours out of 
Atlanta.  I don't stand to benefit from this.  I just told him I'd 
mention him and his stuff on the list.  

Jeremy R. King
'86 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart