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1991 200 QW


I saw your posting and had a couple of questions regarding your search 
for your car.  I saw and drove a 1991 200 Quattro Wagon with 84K miles on 
it.  It was silver and looked new.  It didn't drive like new, though, and 
before I negotiate on it, I was wondering what you found out regarding 
the internal / external front disks.  This car, apparently, has internal 
disks because the front rotors are obstructed with a BLACK plate.  I can 
see part of the rotor but not as clearly as on most cars with front disk 
brakes.  Am I correct in my assumption?  The only other cars I've seen 
with internal calipers are the Alfa Romeo's and from what I can remember, 
their rotors can not be seen from the cut outs in the wheel.

This car has a dead ECU as the car doesn't make a lot of boost (the gauge 
doesn't move above 0.2).  I think the car may have bad synchros in 1st 
and 2nd because there is a metal to metal noise eminating from the engine 
compartment when shifting.  I don't know what else it could be because it 
only does it in first and 2nd.

The dealer is asking $15,500 and acknowledged he would take less to make 
the car correct.  This dealer is in Framingham Mass and has another gold 
1991 TQW and miscellaneous other Audis and Quattros.

If anyone has any response, I'd surely appreciate their input.


Mike Stricker
1990 Quattro Coupe