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fog lights and I DID IT


> I'm not using the rear fog light switch (central dash mount, with 
> neato illumination when activated) for any rear light - and thought 

hmm. i just test drove an A4Q and he dealer was pointing out the
switches.. "heated seat switch, fog lights, driving lights, etc.".

i think it was for the rear fog light, i guess. he said he got pulled
over on NJ 19 with that on and the cop gave him some line about it.

but this was a test drive... and although my salesman's a nice guy,
it could just be a story...

but i did order the A4Q!!!! i should have it later this week. they're
finding the right color/options for me. "brilliant black", gray leather.

so...anyone wanna buy a really nice 1988 VW GTI 16v???? $4250!! 69k miles.

> I'm likely to pull the Bose radio, get the Crutchfield 
> harness/adaptor, and replace it with a decent Sony unit I happen to 
> have available.  Any tricks to pulling the radio?

i just yanked all of the add-on audio gear from the GTI and replaced all
of the standard VW stuff. a few crutchfield adapters in there, as well.
a lot of the radios pull out using a special spring release tool that releases
two spring latches on each side of the radio. are there 4 holes, two
on each side of the radio?? you can modify a coat hanger to put in
these holes. then press the coat hanger ends toward the outside of the
radio and slide it out.

good luck. i have to find a way to get the VW radio to stop saying
"SAFe" and start playing music again. any ideas appreciated. it's been 
sitting for several years and didn't take the code.


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