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Fog Light Switch Help...

Stumling around in the Santa Fe Audi Salvage lot in CastleRock, Colorado on
Friday, I noticed a burgundy TQ with fog lights still on her (car had just been
towed in & hadn't even been inventoried.)  A look inside, bingo, one factory
light switch.  Bummer is, the thing had aftermarket (Marchall?) lights, so
there was no factory connector, just a bunch of female blade-ends pushed into
the back of the switch.  The switch has eight male blades, and no markings
other than 1-8 above each blade.  Anyone got a clue as to which blade does
what?  And why so many?  I'd guess one blade for the dimmer, one for the
ground, one for power to the fogs, and one from the battery to supply that
power.  So what's with the other four?  Many advanced thanks!

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)
90 80 (sibling's mode of transportation I get lynched into working on)