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Fog light Switch diagram/wiring

Just purchased wonderful set of Bosch driving lights to supplement my
pathetic aero headlights. Cost $89 from Blauferneg... He even sent a genuine
audi fog light switch. VERY SIMPLE installation (body-wise) on the 200QTW.
Simply use an 8mm allen wrench (cold forged one; I bent the first one) and
remove two bolts under bumper. Bumper slides off; careful; disconnect two
harnesses for amber front lights. That's it! Take a 3/8" (sharp) drill bit
and go inboard of the allen holes.  Very easy. Wiring it isn't...The kit
doesn't come with a relay. However, just flow your ACC wire through the hood
release grommet and you're set.

As for the switch: I have it rigged so it is simply an off/on for a relay. I
believe ground is on #3 and power is on #1. Anyone know how to illuminate the
switch when activated? Illuminate switch with the wonderful red glow? Many

PS: The electrical demons that I just posted are not related to me messing
around with the new lights! All problems existed prior to this and,
unfortunately, didn't cure them.