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RE: UR-Q WARMUP FIXED (uh, sorta)

Hi Bryan,
>temp sender (the one in the back of the head), and the 3 wire sender in the
>bottom of the radiator (as an aside, can anyone know what the 1 wire temp
>sender thingy on the right side of the cylinder head toward the front is 
>And when I say right I mean if you are standing at the front bumper looking
>at the engine.). Okay. So new temp senders.

As Robert has stated,  this is the guy to the ECU for engine coolant temp.
Make sure everything is clean and connected. I made the mistake of
tapping into this sensor for a coolant temp gauge a few years back. I put
a double connector at this point. By doing this I grounded out the temp
sensor through the gauge and the ECU always thought the the engine
was cold. This was shown by the duty cycle of the freq valve(I think), it
never changed. With the gauge lead removed, everything worked as

>So now the only remnants of my warmup problem are: No "cold engine" light
>when the car is cold. "Cold engine" light when the car is warm. A slight 
drop in
>idle when the car is in that "lukewarm" state (like a 50-100 rpm drop - not
>enough to make the engine stall or even come close, but enough to notice).

Hmmm. Not sure on this one yet.

>PS. While I was visiting my folks for the holidays, I went to a junkyard 
>scored the exhaust manifold and brake calipers from an '88 5000cstq. If 
>serves, this should be the famed 2-piece manifold (they're pulling it and
>shipping it to me this week). And the brakes should be famed dual piston
>calipers (again, they're pulling the parts). I got the complete manifold 
>$150, and paid $50 each for the calipers. Good deals, I hope.

Not sure about the 2 piece exhaust manifold. Probably still the 1 piece one.
My 89 200 engine has the 1 piece manifold. Good find on the brake calipers
and a good deal. I paid $75 a caliper a few months ago and though I was
doing ok.

I have also passed along some wrong info to you, Bryan. I know I had
previously mentioned that the coupe GT rear deck  where the speakers
mount is the same as the TQC carpeted rear deck.  I pulled a rear deck
from a wrecked 85 GT and finally did a side by side comparison to the
TQC one. I have now realized that they are not exactly the same. The
holes where the seat belts come through are in different locations. So to
have that OEM look, you need to get a TQC rear deck. The coupe GT
rear deck could probably be cut and recovered to work in a TQC though.

At this same time I also learned that the rear seat belts for the TQC are 
different from the GT. The inertial reels are mounted in different 
so you can't interchange them.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
Boulder, CO
83 tqc
86 coupe gt
93 GMC Safari AWD