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Brakes on 200

Well, heard a rubbing sound from the LR and discovered that 67K miles 
is all for the original rear brake pads.  The edge of the metal 
shoulder for the pads was *just* starting to contact the edge of the 
rotor where it sticks up after the swept area has worn down.  
Oops...guess I got all the good out of them!!

I have Repcos and rotors coming from Blaufernugen (Jim was very 
pleasant and helpful over the phone...) and will replace this 
week...will also put Repcos on the front (brakes done about 10K ago) 
to reduce the $^*&$# dust coming off the stock replacement pads!!

Jim did mention one thing that others might want to hear: I asked 
whether the pistions just pressed in, or if I had to screw the darn 
things in (similar to my 280 ZX rear brakes I did a month ago...) and 
he said yes - we discussed what size hex head recess was in the 

**NOTE: Jim said that after the piston has been screwed in (clockwise) 
fully, it should be screwed BACK OUT (counterclockwise) one full turn 
to re-set the self adjuster mechanism.

Interesting note that I hadn't heard before.

PS - thanks for the recent re-caps on the heater switch lights.  I 
have two to replace....

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