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S6 question

This weekend I saw a newly arrived 95 S6 on a local dealer's back lot.

What caught my attention was that though it was a "95", it
had the new for 96 Audi delta radio that the 96 A4s and A6s have,
the one that's a little wider than normal, and because of that
it had the cigarette lighter in the center console, next to the
hand brake, where the rear diff lock button used to be.
The rear diff lock button wasn't there.  It wasn't anywhere to be seen.

I know that the 96 Quattro IV system has Electronic Differential Lock
(EDL) and thus doesn't need the rear diff lock button anymore, but the
window sticker of this "95" S6 didn't say Quattro IV and it didn't say EDL
or anything like that.

Does anybody, maybe some lucky person out there who recently bought
a new S6, know what's going on?  Do recent 95 S6s have EDL?


Franco Barber      feb@febsun.cmhnet.org      95 A6Q