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Re: subarus (was: A valid comparison?

>The biggest joke with 
>that, the SVX, and even the WRX is the lack of a manual transmission.  
>How can you make a car like SVX and WRX with automatic only???  That's 
>worse than the new V8 SHO.

Except for the fact that the Slushbox in the SVX is prolly THE best sport 
slushbox that I have ever driven.  The box is electroniclly controlled 
and takes into account: Throttle position, wheel slip, lateral G and 
Pitch and has a VERY intelligent shift program.  Let's say your at the 
track and you want max performance, it will give it to you, Upshifts 200 
rpm shy of redline, downshifts at the earlyist that the engine will not 
overrev and/or be out of the powerband, Which is quite nice by the way.  
And if that's not good enough you can shift it manually.  I drove this 
car at the Q-club event at Blackhawk last winter/spring (It was DAMN Cold 
on the second day!) and most of us know my opinion of Blackhawk. Short, 
Tight, Miserable racetrack, and my only critisism of the SVX was that it 
needed more HP's.  It had brakes and suspension and the engine was not 
bad just lacking in some ponies!  It put a smile on my face!..... Not as 
big as the '95 Supra Turbo did though! But that's a whole different 
matter!! (130mph on the front "Straight"  Radar confirmed the speedo with 
over 300 yards to turn one to go!)


Eric Fletcher