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new 4000 owner has several questions

Hi all!  I've been lurking around the list for some time now and just bought 
my first car, an 86 4000S, 5sp, non-quattro, :(  I must say this car is 
totally different than my parents' 89 sdlO sialaC and the rest of the 
American cars Ive been driving until now.  I'll never go back!

Anyway, I've got a couple of questions maybe someone can help me out with:

1) Since I don't have an owner's manual, could someone identify the 3 gauges 
	underneath my radio.  The first is obviously the volt gauge for the
	battery.  The second is identified as "bar" and goes from about
	1 to 5.  The third is some type of temp gauge which starts at
	60 degrees C but it never moves, maybe broken?

2) I'm a bit concerned that my turn signals are only visible from directly
	in front or behind.  At the front, shouldn't the parking lights at
	the corners flash when I signal or are the blinkers kind of in
	the center of the bumper the only ones in these cars?

3) Lastly, my alternator belt REALLY needs replacing so I bought one this
	weekend from the local parts place but when I went to put it in,
	I couldn't figure out how to remove the second of 2 belts that are
	directly in front of the alternator belt.  The belt in question
	went to the pulley on the AC and I didn't see any way of relieving
	the tension on it except for maybe trying to remove the AC pulley.
	I didnt want to do that without knowing for sure (I've got to order 
	a service manual this week) but I also didn't want to take it and
	have the dealer replace it.

Thanks in advance,

Oh yeah, whoever posted the address for Audi Product Service Publications
   in Ohio, do they have a phone number I can use to order myself both an
   owner's manual and a Bentley manual??