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Vr's vs Audis

Hmmmm.....  Drove my brothers'  '92 Stealth Vr4 TT last Sunday and I can
guarantee that whoever on this net who raced one and won, only caught the
owner off guard, or a litefoot.......  We got a 0-60 time of 5.0 flat and a
1/4 mile time of 13.2 (vericom, tho pubished numbers are only 10ths higher,
and we had 30F).......  I know of no audi that can do 70mph in SECOND gear,
and still not be at redline (first is good to 50, second is like 85-90, but
the hole shot shifting to 3rd at 70 puts third on cam), and onlly a few (not
sure even mine qualifies) that can consistantly pop a 5 second 60 time......
 My brother indicates that an early shift to second is necessary around town,
and it makes the 30mph take off kinda doggy.....   After driving the thing, I
know that you "winners" are not by power, just surprise.......   We agreed to
a 0-60 race on my car just to see what is what, but never got the opportunity
in rush hour traffic.......  I'll keep you posted tho.......   

I will say that the 150hp HKS kit would put the VR pig in the "untouchable"
category.....  Workin' on him to let me have the turbos for a week too....