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Re: My ur-q project : the paint (long)

In a message dated 96-01-03 21:51:53 EST, you write:

> How likely is it to break in
>the process and/or how easily can it be reinstalled?  I'm hoping to do a lot
>of the prep work myself to keep the cost down but I assume it's worth paying
>a professional to tackle this job, right?

Jeff, not to sound pessimistic, but.....The windshield glass on 5000's is
*very* tough to get out due to the slope angle at the front cowl. We break
'em 90% of the time. All the other pieces come out with a heat knife or piano
wire, but check with your local glass shop. Maybe they've got a trick our guy
doesn't know...

-Chris Semple
'83 TQC