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Q - me up

In a message dated 96-01-04 09:24:51 EST, you write:

>	It isn't the Stealth/Mitsu VR4 that you have to worry about.  The 
>Talon/Eclipse/Laser, with a few hundred dollars worth of mods, can run 
>high 12s all day long.  I've seen it.  The Stealth is too heavy to be 
>really fast.
>	However, I think that we can beat them with the right amount of 
>work.  They have 150 fewer pounds, and a VERY good 4 valve 2.0 litre.  We 
>have a stronger engine, and drivetrain, and an extra 200 CCs.

Hmmmm......  well, I saw a mitsu VR with only a boost mod do a 13.3 at 103
the last time I was at the track.....  HKS offers a 150hp upgrade that would
put this car in the super pig category in a hurry.....  Give me the turbos,
and I bet 500 is right there......   I am very familiar with the diamond
stars, but the 4 it looks good on paper, very much like the GS-R acura......
    I know the stock mitsu is supposed to pull a 6 sec 0-60 and have all
sorts of pull, but my buddy has one running around in MI, and we went out to
ck out the cars, and I could take him to 60 and pass him at anything
more......  He since did the computer mods to it and I still get him 55
up......   He's doing the turbo next, prolly will get me then......  My
comfort level is much higher, and frankly, given the pieces parts on that
car, I'm not sure long term the v6 car wouldn't be a better choice.......
  2.0, 2.2 S/DOHC single turbo or 3.0 DOHC dual turbos.....  Hmmmm easy
choice for me, when you are starting at 320 @ 14.0psi, there is room to make
Miss piggy just a plain brute.....
With all the comforts, plus some that audi offers (well maybe not 4 doors)