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30-70 times

If we're still collecting data on 30 to 70 mph times, here's my contribution.

>From a constant 30 mph in 3rd gear to 70 mph in 3rd gear:
        low time  = 7.90 sec (slightly downhill)
        high time = 8.93 sec (slightly uphill - I'm in WV, what else?)
        average time for several trials = 8.22 sec

Car:    '89 200TQ with about 140K miles on it.

Mods:   SuperChips ECU zener diode installed with their *much* stiffer
wastegate spring.  Boost gauge not installed at the moment, so no gauge
readings available.  (Estimated about 22 psi max.  Not reached until nearly
at the 70 mph top end of the test.)

*  Robert L. Myers                        <rmyers@wvit.wvnet.edu>  *
*  Chair, Department of Chemistry          304-442-3358 (office)   *
*  West Virginia Institute of Technology   304-574-2372 (home)     *
*  Montgomery, WV  25136                                           *
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