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Re: Lights (fog and otherwise)

At 12:02 PM 1/4/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Gary, thanks for your message. The frying connector on the Saab was
>downstream of any relays (at the bulb). So I don't know whether relays
>would have helped...also relays screw up the bulb out sensor, unless you
>use one per light (two per light?) 
>Lee M. Levitt 

You bet, Lee!  I've been there and done that.  My lights are now back to
strictly stock with added driving and fog lights.

I kept burning up sockets also (several of them).  The heat was produced at
the common ground connection for the two elements of the lamp itself and the
socket.  The heat is produced at the point where the resistance is located.
This says to me that I was never able to get a low resistance contact made
at this spot.

I recommend that you simply get yourself some decent auxiliary lights and
forget the hi-watt 9004's.

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