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making the most of Eibach springs...

After sampling the assembled net wisdom, I realize the Eibach springs I bought 
last year for my '87 5000S Q are not the hot tip, however, since my old 
springs were quite dilapidated at 150,000 miles, they were better than 
(practically) nothing. And they look cool, too :) (just kidding!!!!)

My experience is that they are OK except when a bump is large enough to 
activate the stiffer section of the proportional springs, at which time the 
noise is unnerving, moreso the tendency for the rear to skid about! 

Since I have Koni adjustables all around,  is there a particular setting I 
should use to make the Eibachs less offensive when hitting bumps in a curve? 
They're currently set at minimum, down from a stiffer setting that I thought 
exasperated the aforementioned bump-steer. Where is best for them? Should I 
unload the Eibachs onto someone else? If so, what should I use? OEM springs 
would practically buy an A4!!!

Help! (I mostly cruise the Interstates, but enjoy the many twisty mountain 
roads central Pennsylvania has to offer.)

Joseph Ames
'87 5000S Quattro @ 168,000 and going strong