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coupe oil questions

Thanks to a long winter vacation I now have the free time to investigate 
some oil related problems that my 81 coupe is having.  Boy, am I excited ;-)

I need to 
replace the oil pump seal but conflicting entries in the Haynes and Bentley 
manuals have me confused.  Haynes says that I will need to support the 
engine and remove the transmission front cover and lower the subframe in 
order to remove the oil pan but, Bentley only mentions lowering the 
subframe, which is more accurate?  Or, is there an easier way to replace 
the gasket without following all the steps for removing the pump? 

I also want to get my vdo oil temp gauge to work.  According to the 
previous owner the sender was bad.  My problem is that I'm not sure where 
the sender is.  This car has a 1983 5 cyl engine and my manuls aren't 
real clear on the location and identification of the different senders.  
All other gauges work and no warning lights come on when they shouldnt.  
Could someone please list the location of all senders and which ones are 
used by the vdo gauges.  

And on a semi-performance related thought, with all my perusing of the 
Bentley I couldn't help but notice that some 80-83 diesels came with oil 
coolers.  It looks like a sandwich adapter that might fit on 5 cyl.  
Could this possibly be used on an 81 coupe, or if not is there another 
cheap way to set up an oil cooler?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Arthur Runyan