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Re: high performance 9004 bulbs

Well now were are getting into my field, as some of you know I make my living
by shooting movies and TV shows, and we use lights... All types of lights.

The problem with this argument is that you are equating watts with lumens.
Which you can do with some types of lights like plain old Tungstun lights,
which operate with a color temp. in the 2650 Kelvin to 3000 Kelvin range this
will become important in a second.  In the late 60's early 70's Tungstun
Halagon became a reality and were more efficent than straight tungstun
producing more Lumens /Watt and more importantly running hotter which
increase's the Color temp to anywhere between 3200K to 4200K Which looks
"Whiter". Actually it's more blue. But since our eye's are actually more
sensitive to blue/green light than red the apparent brightness is higher. 

In the Mid 70's we got this really cool advance in lighting technology one
that allowed use to produce 4.4 times light (Lumens) of a tungstun halagon
lamp of the same power rating.  So know we were able to plug a light into the
wall that made the equivilant to 5000 watt's of light for the same current
draw as a tungstun halagon light of 1000 watts.  These are know as HMI lamps
or just simply discharge lamps.  The other advantage to these lamps is that
they produce a light that better simulates sunlight with a color temp of 5600
Kelvin or more towards the blue end of the visual spectrum, the end that our
eyes are much better suited to seeing in once again helping the Apparent
brightness.  This same light technology is just know making it to the
automobile industry as the Gas Discharge lamps or Xenon lamps in some of the
higher $$ cars.  These lights are so efficent that 35 watts looks like a 150
watt's in a tungstun lamp.

Just my $.02

Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com