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Re: Vr's vs Audis

> Who Cares about which one is faster???? we're all intelligent enough
>  to know that 320hp/4000lb's will go faster than 200hp/4000lbs.....big
> deal.......the bottom line is that the VR4 is the IROC Z28/Mustangs
> the mid 90's.......fast car, but not a whole lot between the ears of
> the typical people who buy them.......looks fast, gets me chicks, etc......

Well, anyone can stuff a bigger engine into a lame dino to make it move 
(witness the Viper) -- that's muscles without the brains -- and big deal. 
But, if you can get the same performance or better with less "peppy" 
engine -- now that's one hellva trick and a racy car! For the Mitsu, my 
comment will be that are all those gadgets necessary? -- do they really 
contribute to significant addition (mathmatical and common sense) to car's 

Yeah, someone would probably shout, "How about those Civics with 
200hps!?" (Probably from those CR-type people... although it would be 
hard to imagine how THOSE kinda poeple would have 200hp Civics.) To which 
I'd say, "You just missed the Big Point about sport/racy cars." (Holy 
sh?t, Batman! The point is getting foggy!)

But back to the question: What's the definition streetable sport car? 
Obviously, if the weight is the only critarion then 200hp modified Civics 
will also fall into this "sport car" thing, eh?

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