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Re: S6/Subaru

>     At the risk of getting knocked off my soap box, I think Psychos R Us
> got a little to high on his with the criticism of Neil Swansons use of
> nomenclature.  While the term "Jap" has not always had a positive
> connotation, I suspect he used it a shortened term for Japanese the way
> some use Ausi to describe Australians and the term Brit to describe people
> from Britain. 
>      If Psychos is of the Asian persuasion deeply offended by the term,
> then I respect his offence and take note, while I also try not to read to
> much into offhanded refrences. 
> Mike

Aye. I suppose my tone wasn't that good -- and worse -- I don't really much 
care about that PC thingie myself anyway. Although I don't know the exact 
root of the words "Ausi" or "Brit" came from (and if they mean anything 
else than what they mean), but from a discussion I came across long time 
ago did establish that "Jap" is definitely a derogatory term coined 
during WWII when referring to the Japanese -- there's no other historical 
root to the word "Jap".

Since the word is hard to distinguish if the word is used as derogatory 
term or just an abbreviation, I just put a period after it to make it 
cleat that I'm abbreviating it when I use it.


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