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     Mitsubishi has done us all a great service by producing a product that 
     keeps the posers (and their money) away from the good cars. Keep them 
     from spending their 30-40k on driving up the prices in Lamborghini 
     jhalpas(sp?), older Maseratis, and (yes Bob) older ferarris (a ragged 
     308 perhaps). What we must keep in mind, however, is that The Vr4 IS 
     NOT A SPORTS CAR. it is a gimicy, fast sedan with a sports car shape 
     and no back seat. Japan has seen that these cars sell. witness what 
     happened to the original z-cars. Once very impressive, affordable 
     "sports cars", They turned into overweight sluggish video-games. But 
     this is O.K. Some people want these things. And they should be able to 
     buy them. Lets face it, the limits of modern cars are so high we can 
     seldom get enjoyment out of them (within the constraints of good 
     judgment) on the street. We might as well have all the comforts (and 
     all their weight penalty). Perhaps we can entertain ourselves with that 
     nifty wing while we sit waiting for an opening in traffic. Yea the car 
     is way overweight. But I happen to think my 2800 lb 944 turbo is 
     overweight(all deletable options deleted). A 1900 lb 914 or an Alfa is 
     a light car. 
     I think the real posers are not the people who buy vr4's, its the 
     people who buy the lame fwd non-turbo version which doesn't even have 
     the straight line performance and awd of the vr4. At least the vr4 
     owner shows they are willing to pay extra to get some substance to go 
     with all the other fluff. Or maybe they just paid way too much for the 
     wing gimmick The reason this discussion has become so confusing is 
     that people have different ideas about what a sports car is. The new 
     Rx7 you say? HA! Not with a roof and roll-up windows. Give me a 
     Lotus-7. Now THATS a sports car. 
     MY 4 cents.
     Rod Wiggins
     Audi-Porsche 944 turbo (951)
     VW corrado (that crazy wing and all)