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RE: A4 steering column


>defective, it is being replaced. My headlight lenses both developed bad
>starring (no evidence of stone impact) and they too are being replaced.
>Can someone e-mail me the address of the Audi gods so I can make my
>offering before the car implodes? TIA

Not sure about the steering column or CD changer probs. I have heard
about the headlights. This is one reason why A4s were in short supply
last fall.  Seems that all the early cars had the headlights and taillights
starting to crack, so Audi pulled the dist plug and kept them all at the
docks until they could replace the head/tail light lenses on every car.
Currently the dealers are replacing these items on all the rolling cars.
I have seen A4s at my local dealer sitting out back with no lights. I guess
the replacement lenses are made of a different/better plastic to resist
the cracking.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com