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more vr4 thoughts

     Fellow AUDI enthusiasts, 
     Let's look at this argument from a different aspect. 
     Suppose theese are the only things you have to go by in a comparison.
     >When you get in and close the door, how does it feel?
     >How is the cockpit layed out?
     >How easy/difficult is it for you to use all the different controls?
     >While driving, does everthing just seem natural or does it seem like 
     >Are you impressed with the car or are you trying to impress with the 
     >Most of all, now that you've had it for several thousand miles, how 
     close to new does it feel/drive/run/start/stop/etc/etc?
     Theese are just my misc ramblings, But, I'll take any audi over any 
     Mitsu any day.
     85 4KSQ  (to be turbo soon)
     83 TQC   (in restoration)
     90 V8    (fathers favorite mode of transport)