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Pros and Cons

In a message dated 96-01-05 14:58:28 EST, you write:

> All you're comparing here is a sports car that is built by people who 
>have no school of engineering (VR) and assembled by people who had at 
>most five years of formal education roughly speaking, to a car that is 
>built and assembled by highly qualified German professionals that have 
>pride and traditions. Now, which of thses two will produce a better car?

Will produce or did produce......  That argument can be used in reference to
all japanese cars, and a few more, the RX7 included.....   Robots build most
of todays cars, even in Marinello the technology of time and exactness has
surpassed pride and tradition....  The execution of that argument is up for
much debate......   Which built the better car is really the question......
  and for that criteria and baselines are needed....  And in that world,
objective numbers (track or street) the game is not won by the
"professionals"....  Those japanese have the toyota Supra, the VR4's, the
nissan 300Zx tt (a better 944TS), and the RX7....  The only two cars that are
missing from this list are the M3 and the Corvette, neither of which leads
the pack empirically speaking over the above cars.....  Not bad for
uneducated, unlearned, lacking japanese..........  The audi execution is not
even in the pack performance wise....  So that would leave design and
AWD.....  Well the AWD I won't fault, but I have two waterpumps, two bombs,
one master cylinder and two steering racks, 6 sets of rotors, 3 sets of wheel
bearings, and 4 valve leaky cover gaskets to prove that the rest of the
execution needs some refinement.....

So, I'm not quiet ready to wave the professional flag quiet yet.......