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Re: Vr's vs Audis

On Fri, 5 Jan 1996, Alexei M Voloshin wrote:

> just tell me one thing - did you buy your '90 brand new?

Close... two years old and 20K miles... Full history etc etc...

> In terms of Japanese cars as compared to German cars we're talking about 
> vehicles from two different universes. Japanese only dreamed of cars when 
> Germans already drove them. It's like why Japanese did not have a space 
> program until very recently? Because they had no school of space 
> negineering and astrophysics! Same goes with cars. Surely they make nice 
> cars, but they are mass transit cars - recycble. And about starting in 
> cold weather, let me tell you this - my friend's '86 5KS lost all of its 
> oil in the middle of Nevada. He drove it over 300 Mi, fixed the leak 
> at a gas station, put the oil back in and 25K miles later (167K on the 
> car) it still drives like new. How is that for extreme conditions! 
> Although some of the peripherals like air/conditioning and automatic 
> transmition are not the strengths of Audies, drive train and the engine 
> are much stronger than any Japanese counter parts. \

Right.. there certainly is a lot more to a car than gee these seats are 
comfy (personlly, the ones in my 90 SUCK!). As I say, my wifes Accord was 
the model car. Including no oil as well... more than once I would check 
her oil and there was NOTHING on the dipstick. (you shudda heard me!) 
Besides that, it will out run me to 30, outbrake me etc...

Sure the Germans were making cars before the japanese even heard of them, 
but I think Ford might have been the very first (ok dont flame me, my 
history recollection sucks) but does that mean Id buy a ford??? NOT ON 
YOUR LIFE!!! (boss, cobra, GT40 excluded...no shelbys tho..) So just 
cause they were doing it longest, doesnt mean the best! Look at AC 
compressors... Our nice new Audi's still use Piston type, take about 
400HP, when they go on, its like hitting the brakes!. The Japanese use 
these great little things that are the size of a softball, vane type, and 
outperform the hell out of any audi Ive ever been in. (plus its not like 
dropping an anchor when it goes on)  So although my choise is still 
German, it doesnt mean they have their act together either.

> By the way, if your gasket is leaking how do you drive it?

Ummmm I didnt know this was detrimental! Valve cover leaks are common on 
Audi's (yet my point again...!)


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