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Re: Bosch or Hella?

Michael mentions:
> Shopping for new headlights for my TQ, I'm sick of being blind at night
> (smashed headlights, don't ya know.)  I've talked with a few people, here's
> what I've found:
> Europart, can get Bosch, $1,300 for the set, including bracket's & such.
> Halsey & EuroRace don't sell Euro lights.
> Maas & Sport Wheels are returning my calls.
> RallySport is on vacation...
> TAP can get Bosch, $795 for hte full kit.
> GPR quoted me $250 per side for the Bosch lights, I don't think that includes
> hardware, but he can't get 'em for a while yet anyhow.
> What's the difference between the Bosch and the Hella lights?  Have I missed
> any vendors that I should check with (other than Ned and Jo Hoppen, I'm not
> even going to bother calling them...)  Thanks much for any info.

I got some Euro headlights (Bosch) for my '85 4000Q before I sold it. I
bought the light assemblies (bolt in replacements) from Ron's Parts. I
paid $250 (Canadian) per side back in September '95. You can get the
number from the Audi suppliers page or find it in European Car.

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