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Re: Lighting the Bic

Earlier, PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:
> So, the question becomes what to do?   Well the euro lites are expensive.....
>  So maybe aux liting should be considered....  The hella aux low beams are a
> good start.....  Hella or Cibie/Marshal fogs would be a good addition up
> close.....  A nice set of removable aux drivings (hi beam) will smoke a set
> of H4's cuz the H4 like a driving/fog is asked to perform two duties, a low
> and a high beam.....  You can only "optimize" one or the other not
> both.......  And all this can be custom installed for less than the cost of
> those euros.....   Something to consider......

If you are going to auxillary lights, you ought to look at those
made by PIAA.  One of their large variety is a combo driving / fog
that uses H4 bulbs.  And, they make ceramic based bulbs in 130/90 
and 150/100 watt sizes.

Check at your local high end exotic car joint - they won't sell
direct.  If anybody *needs* a phone number or address, send an
email and I'll dig it out.

    - Charlie