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Re: Crashed!! Help!!

>VIN: WAUHD0444JN015137
>Miles: 75,500 (odometer broke, sssh that's a secret)
>Shape: Excellent
>Other Stuff: automatic, sun roof, seat heaters, power windows, seats, 
Not in a Quattro....  Sounds like a FWD Turbo.

>abs, climate control,  ect.
>Replaced/repaired: steering rack, hydraulic pump, mid and rear 
>exhaust, timing belt, fuel pump. 
>Other inf.: no dials or buttons on dash for lock/unlock differentials.
> A great car that I would love to have fixed. I just read some old post
>and if it's a automatic then it's not a quattro?? but why does it 
>or did it say QUATTRO on the trunk ???
Are you sure it did'nt say "Turbo" on the trunk?

Crawl under the car is there a beam between to rear wheels?  There 
probally is, It's a FWD.  is there a rear driveshaft, rear diff, rear 
halfshafts? Because it's a Auto I'll garrantee that there not there.


Eric Fletcher