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Re: Advise for snow driving

> I have Dunlop D60 A2 with only about 10K on them, Now, I may have taken the
> corner too fast (thought I was going appropriately slow) but take that
> possible reason out of the question, do I have crappy M&S tires?  I recall
> them being having an "A" rating in that catagory.  Should I press the quattro
> button between the seats for most/any snow travel below the 20 something MPH
> threshold it automatically disengages?  

The DOT (is it?) rating really doesn't mean a thing. Hoosier slicks (or 
so I think) has "C" "C" rating with tradwear of "0".

THe problem is that the D60A2 is a four seasons tire -- another words, 
Jack of all trades and master of none.

> I would appreciate any other snow driving tips for around the town on
> two/four lane medium size city streets (population 100K), both offensive and
> defensive!  .   

If you're serious about driving, then keep a good summer tread tire and a 
good snow-only tire.

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