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Re: V8 Quattro (1990)

> I'm looking at a 1990 V8 Quattro that apparently has 80Kmi on it, although
> the dealer told me that the odometer had been changed, and it now reads at
> 40Kmi.

most likely reason is to replace buggy firmware for the trip computer.
specifically the miles-to-empty readout.  there should be a sticker on
the door that sez when this was done.

> What's up with that? He's asking $13K. Any words of advice? 

geez!  is that how little they're worth now?  looks like i'll keep
mine until it rots.

> Did the 1990's have the UFO brakes?

yes, and if it still has UFO brakes, then it's less desirable than those
who had the conversion.

> What about the durability of the car and
> it's automatic transmission?

if the car is well maintained (like mine) it is as good as any japanese
appliance-o-mobile.  i had a lot of warranty work done though, but
overall impact on my wallet has been practically nothing.

the slushbox should be pretty strong if it hasn't suffered the oil
seal leak where the front diff oil mixes with the slush oil.  mine
was replaced because of that.

> How much does a rebuilt or a factory tranny
> cost?

about $6K minus labor.  add about 10 hours labor at around $60/hr.

> How much oil does the engine take on an oil change? 

8.5 quarts.  i have only used the giant torpedo sized filter
that costs $18 a pop.  i wouldn't dare recommend using anything
else though it's possible that you will get away with it.

>What parts has
> everyone replaced so far,

i have had the dash replaced, tranny, tranny computer, entire front
suspension + UFO brakes, pressure accumulator, light switch, climate
control regulator, rear windshield (bad defroster), trunk struts,
radio, little interior bulbs, water pump, valve cover gasket, a/c
thermostat.  (might have forgotten some)

all of these were covered by warranty, one or two by ext. warranty.
i.e. not one cent out of my pocket.

wear and tear:  1 set of tires, rear brake pads, front and rear shocks.
cracked windshield, headlight, foglight (insurance paid)

still on the original battery after 5 yrs/86K.

plus i replaced the radio with a pull out Nak.

absolutely *NOTHING* has gone wrong with the engine from day 1.
closest thing was the OXS uneven acceleration/surging.  this engine is
bulletproof and not surprising given its roots.

the audi gods have never let me down.  but then i never let them down
either because i never skimped on a single routine maintenence item.

another reason why i won't sell the car is because it's so damm reliable
now.  if i get a new one i'll have to be prepared to make half a million
trips to the dealer again.