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At 11:59 AM 1/5/96 -0500, Bob D'Amato wrote:
>Although the wifes Accord is EXTREMELY uninspiring (And downright BORING)
>it has been the model car. It has three times the mileage of my 90 (180K)
>and her total repair (not maintenance here..) bills have been ZERO.  Cant
>say that about my 90!  Especially talking about air conditioning

>BUT--each car to its purpose--after doing Seattle to San Francisco trips in
>both our Accord and the Audi, I MUCH prefer the Audi for the extended
>drive--less tiring to drive, much better seats, etc.  Never had such a sore
>rear end as after driving that Honda 800 miles in a day.  Around town, the
>Honda is easier to drive--lighter, more nimble, smaller parking spaces, etc.
>Of course, on the track... :)

I would like to say about the same. I inherited my Dads old favorate car, a
Diesel. When he died it was parked because it had a bad clutch. The fellow he
been taking it too had particaly retired but still works on some cars and he
fixed it for me. Its a great driving car for trips and gets close to 50 mpg.
I took it back to him over Xmas to look into a frontend noise. The fellow
however lives 8 hours away. My main problem with keeping this car is that I
have not been able to find some one close by that keeps parts ( Florence,SC)
or anyone who I trust. The fellow that I took it to is Factory trained in
Audi and Porsche and has people who bring him cars from all over the
southeast. He had a 906 and 907 he was working on when I went there. He knows
the car inside and out and does not mind telling you over the phone what to
do to fix them...he just loves the cars. However I had to borrow a car from
my mom to drive while he works on it. The car had 129,00 mile on it when the
Speedo broke in 1990 but has had the motor, air, fuel pump, clutch all
replaced so I would like to keep it because of the way it drives and the gas
mileage. If anybody know of some one in my area they could recommend I would
be grateful.

My wife thought I was crazy to spend money to repair such an old car until
she drove it on a trip. From reading what most of you have said most of you
share the same feeling about audi's and how they drive.