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Re: Bright Idea. 5000??

[from AudiDudi]

>I'm working on something very similar to this for my '87 5k except I'm using
>a pair of 5-3/4" round lights per side ... I've got a pattern made and all I
>need to do now is fold some aluminum sheet and cut a pair of holes.  Perhaps

Another wrinkle on dim lights.
Has anyone tried to retrofit the 1984/85 quad rectangulat non aero setup
from the early 5000. I had a set of 4 rectangular beams on my old
Riceburner and they definitely light up the road much better than the lumen
challenged US Aero's.

The seperate reflectors for Hi and Low also allow me to set up where I want
the beams to point.

And JC.Whitney sells those lexan Aero headlight covers for those of us who
want to get the drag down.

my 2 candles worth

Ernest Wong