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Detroit show introductions

     I can't recall who made the original post, but thanks for the note on 
     the Detroit show web site.   Wards Automotive news (industry 
     newsletter) published a listing of the new car introductions. Its 
     pretty long so I only included the interesting stuff (not too biased I 
     North american debut:  Aston martin DB7 coupe, 96 Audi A4 quattro 
     automatic, Audi TTS convertible, 97 BMW 5 series, new KIA's, 
     Lamborghini diablo, Lotus elite, 96 Porsche Carrera 4s, 96 911 turbo,
     96 VW golf TDI, jetta TDI, Passat wagon TDI,
     World Debut: Acura CL, Aston Martin db7 conv., BMW z3, 97 Viper gts-r, 
     gts coupe, and Indy 500 pace car, Lexus LX 450, Vector M12.
     Plus assorted, less interseting american stuff. 
     Wishing I could go...
     Rod Wiggins