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Re: Re. Lights

At 09:39 PM 1/5/96 -0500, you wrote:

>>'87 5kTQ used an H4 bulb.  Wassat??
>The best bulb you will find in a hi/lo bulb....  It has a very subtle but
>important difference to the 9004 hi watt stuff....  the filament runs fore
>aft not east west, so you have a hot round spot of light to diffuse and lens
>correct, instead of an rectangular one.....  One of the reasons the H4 setups
>are superior to the US versions.....

Take a look at the 9007, it may interest you, and will work with
the standard headlamps if you can cut a groove in it and reverse two
wires.... 30% more light, (for experimental purposes only of course ).