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95 S6 electrical problems, only on long fast trip

Drove my new S6 wagon from Chicago to New Orleans and back last week,
very nice car on the highway.   12 hours to go 900 miles, in acceptable
comfort for five adults plus luggage...

On the way down, fuse 14 blew, disabling the cruise control (and
phone).  Replaced fuse blew immediately, so I just forgot about the
cruise control for the rest of the trip.

On the way back, fuse 8 blew, killing the interior lites and the gas
gauge.  Once again, replaced fuse blew almost immediately, so I ended
up driving back guessing at my fuel level.

The next day after driving back, I put new fuses in both spots, and all
was fine for about an hour.  Then fuse 8 blew again and blew it's
replacement quickly.

I took the car to the dealer this morning, naturally when he replaced
fuse 8 it worked fine and did not blow, even after I drove the car
around a bit and then back to my office.

Any suggestions as to what might be going on here?

ps:  On the way down I did get a lot of cold draft on the driver's left
foot, and it was very hard to figure out what to do with the climate
control systems to stop it.  This only seemed to happen at high speeds,
in excess of 95 or so. Did not seem to happen on the way back, for some

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