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What's that thing called?

Hey folks, things should start to warm up tomorrow  in the Carolinas, slush

 I am going over the Product Service Publication I had and saw a number of
items which currently effect my 200tq.  My feeling is that even though the
PSP may say 200 and/or different year 200 and not and 89 200q, if I have
witness the situation, I want to see that PSP!  So with that in mind I would
appreciate a brief discription of the following terms:

What's a B-pillar
What do they mean by binding seal belts
On Bose system speakers, they mention the loud speaker grill, which ones are

Finally, what's the name if the electrical piece found with the fuses which
when you crank the car, sends the message to the fuel pump to pump fuel?.  I
could not start the car last week, the shop found this to have very dirty
contacts and cleaned them.  Car started quickly for a few days and now is
back to the longer crank time I am familiar with.  I recall postings a while
back stating that the turbos take longer to turn over and this is normal.  I
am trying to decide to spend $30 bucks and get a new one, and see if it will
improve the amount of cranks it takes to turn over.  If it doesn't, I spend
more than $30 on less important things, so I won't loose any sleep over it.
 BTW, this is the origional, dated 4/89. 


89 200tq