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Quattro Lights

I have also been following the light thread with a certain amount of interest
and thought that giving you some of the  European insights may give you a few
options to play with.  However, being a Brit (proud of it and don't give a fig
about PC) my comments should be taken and adjusted for your legal requirements
for lighting which are obviously less pragmatic than British/European rules.

European Audi's in the 80/90/Coupe/Quattro range share the same(ish) Cibie
headlights from 83-87.  As far as the Quattro is concerned, I know of 2 examples
of the first batch on which the lights were changed from the early rectangular
Hella lights to the later variety with few problems.  The later lights use H4
bulbs for the dip/main outer lights and H1 bulbs for the inner main lights.  The
light assemblies are available in UK for about 150 pounds each and LH or RH dip
patterns are available.  However, following the ealier comments about high
output bulbs a word of caution: the main light switch fries with these bulbs and
an auxiliary wiring harness and relay must be used.  Again, these are available
for around 80 pounds.  The one fitted to my car works a treat, as does the new
lighting switch!  For reference, I use 90/55w H4's and 130w H1's and night
driving holds few fears!

Just to add to the ineterst, my car is a '90 ur-Quattro 20 Valve which, as far
as I'm aware, was never exported to the US!!  (You don't know how unliucky you
are!  220 bhp @ 6000 rpm 235 ft lbs @ 1950 rpm mine's been clocked 0-60 in 5.8
secs and the car is as standard as it left the factory - a real licence looser!)

Nigel Banks