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Re: Quattro Digest V3 #23

> In a message dated 96-01-08 18:04:22 EST, you write:
> > 
> you have a cheap mouth person answering messages sent.  I'll see no one else
> gets in my area is insulted by nothing more that a "motor mouth"!
Did you read what you wrote before you sent it "Ranger Fran?"  I can't seem
to figure out exactly what you are trying to get across ...

There seems to be a bit of context missing here, but it appears that someone
on the list may have sent a direct reply to someone who tried to unsubscribe
from the list by sending a message to the list.  If that is the case, CHILL 
there Ranger Fran!  It is quite frustrating to the members of the list when
we continue to see unsubscription messages posted ... sometimes several in a 
single day ... and it is especially frustrating when those messages have a 
"Quattro Digest" in the subject line because we all know that there are 
quite explicit instructions about how one goes about unsubscribing the list 
in *EACH* digest.  Often I send a direct reply to the poster to help them
to unsubscribe rather than post a message that says unsubscribe quattro to 
the list.

You must also realize that whenever you send an e-mail message to the list
there are hundreds of people who receive that address and thus can respond
to you ... any number of which can be "motor mouths."  (I believe the proper
term is "motor hands" though ;-)  The biggest p***er of all is that since
you didn't send your message to majordomo@coimbra.ans.net you are still on
the list that "motor mouth" is on!

I for one would be interested to know where your "area" is, and the steps
you plan to take to ensure that anyone in there does not get insulted.
Sounds like a big job to me!  ... I hope I didn't insult anyone there ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

OK motor mouth ... confess your sins to all of us ;-)