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re: Snow tire recommendations

Allan Tygert wrote:
>I'm curious if anyone can reccomend a good, affordable snow tire for my '86
>5kcstq.  By affordable, I mean somewhere in the $50 to $60 range.  Tire Rack
>has some Dunlops for $51 each.  Any experience with Dunlop snows and/or the
>Tire Rack?  I have come to the conclusion that these S&M (they're real
>torture to drive on) tires are one step below useless in the Northeast.
>Also, any suggestions for a cheap source of steel wheels for these snows
>($55 from the Tire Rack is the best I've found thus far) would be helpful.
>Any and all help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

I got by using Remington Performance tires (which are Dunlops) for a few
winters and switched to the HRs (at the local NTW) this past summer (from
Andrew's recommendation). They didn't have the VRs in stock and I thought that
they might be more. I find the HRs much better than the performance tires in
the snow.

BTW, I made it into work yesterday (Southern NH) with no problems even though
the highway wasn't in the best of shape. We have lots of folks here with
Subarus that made it in too.

The DEC parking lot folks were pretty nice too. The lots weren't in the best of
shape, but when you walked to your car, they came over, cleaned the piles of
snow off in front of your car with a plow and then shovelled what was left.