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I haven't "augered-in"; just gone to warmer climes.

								09 JAN 96
								14:19 EST

Hi gang,

	I've been absent from the "list" for the last few weeks; I let a woman
get under my skin again, but there's no Audi content in that, and it's an old
story for me anyways. I'll also be out of the country on a research cruise from
Mombasa to Durbin to Cape Town and won't be back until early April. Which is
probably just as well considering my P500's with only 23K on them have
decidedly lost their edge in the snow. Got stuck twice in my driveway yesterday
in the "Blizzard of '96"; it made no difference where I put the switch I could
never get all four wheels to spin at the same time. Very frustrating, finally
had to dig her out. I have correctly unsubscribed from the list, but I'm afraid
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution would be very unhappy with the amount of
"traffic" even the digest would generate over their IMMARSAT connection.

	I look forward to resubscribing in April; until then may the Audi gods
smile on all of you, and the snows of '96 provide you with nothing but driving

							Happy motoring,


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