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Re: Light Retrofit

>> From: es61@prism.gatech.edu (Eric Schumacher)
>> A few years ago, I saw a catalog (in German) that had Audi mods including
>> spoilers, etc.   One of the catalog's offerings was a four round lamp
>> (5.25 diameter lenses) replacement for the factory flush mounted H4 setup.
>>  This kit was for what we call the 100/200 and what we call the 80/90
>> (they sold kits for both).  
>> Interesting that in the catalog, they put Cibies in these replacement
>> setups.  Aren't they from Frxxxx?  On a German car?
>YES!  Based on this and Nigel Banks' post, it does sound like there may 
>be some retrofit options - and I'd rather have 4x round lights than 
>4x rectangular lights - if for no other reason than it would make the 
>other Audi types here go WOTTINHECK????  when they see it.
>I would be grateful if you could pursue this and email info to the 
>list - and direct to me.  BTW - don't doubt that (French, Y) Cibie makes a 
>tremendous light!  I have their Z-beams in my 83 280 ZXT and they are 
>the finest lighting instruments I have ever driven.  They are SO good 
>(how good are they???) ...that on high beam, you can count the 
>individual flutes in the lenses as they project down the road!  
>Reflective range on high beam is at least 3/4 of a mile!  Beam 
>control is superb, light output is incredible, and Audi would be much 
>better off to use them than the SUCKY Hellas they put in as OE in my 
>'90 200.
Absolutely agree with AL.  Had Cibie 4 round setups in my Alfa and Fiat
coupes and they were without a doubt the most superior lights that I have
ever seen....except maybe my optional Euros on my '83 TQC.  They had two
different options for the highs...pencils or wider/flatter beams.  Both
were incredible, as were the hi/lo's, with their super sharp cutoffs. 
Superior optics...period.  The Hellas that I used during the same time
period were good, but definitely a step down for clarity of the beam.

>Actually, if I can get a 4x round headlight setup for my '90 200, I 
>will probably go direct to Cibie, (do not even pass Hella) for the lights.
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