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Re: TTerribly ugly!

On Tue, 9 Jan 1996, William Ruby wrote:

> > On Tue, 9 Jan1 1996, Bruce Kaye wrote:
> > 
> > > > Does anyone have pictures (gif or jpeg) of the new Audi TT,
> > > > or can anyone point to a Web site that has them?
>  Actually, I wrote this  :-)
>  (watch your attributions, tsk, tsk  :-)   )

I only reply, the software says who I'm replying to.

> > to take them seriously?  The Avus was a work of art, the Spyder was 
> > bland, but proportioned correctly.  This TT thing is bulbous.  I don't 
> > understand...
>  Kind of like a modern-day AC Cobra, huh?
>  (The 427 body style, with huge fender flares)

Nothing like a Cobra.  The Cobra had nice lines, although a little 
exagerated.  The TTs is like an upside down half-a-grapefruit with TSW 
wheels under it.  The kind of 'car' a kindergarten child would draw.  It 
has NO style whatsoever.

>  I liked what I saw in the pictures (thanks Bob!). I really would like
>  a 4-seater. Just how small are those "emergency" rear seats?

No rear seats in the TTs.  I don't know about the TT coupe.

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