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Re: General Maintenance Questions

> 1.   How often should I be washing my car in order to remove the salt and
> thus reduce the likelihood of it transforming into a rust ball?

As often as feasible.  Of particular importance is the undercarriage,
the insides of the fenders (especially the lips) and the door sills.

> 2.  I have been told that in the winter it is preferable to leave the car
> outside over night rather than park it in a garage (especially when it is
> covered with snow) as the dampness of the garage contributes to its
> transformation into a rust ball.  Is this corect?

Basically true for a heated garage.  The theory is that moisture/salt
will go through temp. cycles and cause more damage than if it
was just outside.   Personally, when I can leave my car in the (unheated)
garage, I always do so.

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