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--- Received from A.CARLSON  +852-2511-3033         10.01.96 06.26
Regarding the issue of changing headlights from the American Spec
Euro Style 200/5000 Turbo to the American Spec 4-square-quad set up
of the pre-1986 5000S....
As I recall, the 1984 and 1985 US 5000 Turbos used the same front
end clip as the 5000 S. When the US cars went aerodynamic lights in
?86, the clips were brought in line with worldwide specs, which
means different sheet metal.
So, the retrofit of 5000S style lights to a 100 should be relatively
easy.  To a 5000 Turbo/Turbo Quattro or a 200 Turbo/Turbo Quattro
might also involve sheet metal.
I have no idea if the clearances and dimensions are similar or not,
but I kind of remember the 200/5000 T/5000 TQ aerodynamic lights
being flatter than the aero assemblies on the regular 100/5000.
Park a 1984/1985 5000 Turbo next to a regular 5000, from the front
there?s no real difference. Park a 1984/1985 5000 next to a 100,
only the headlight assembly stands out. Park a 5000 with the funky
4-beam setup next to a 1986 or newer 5000 Turbo/200, things like
hoods and fenders start to look different.
I have no idea what the implications are for the changeover, only
that it might need to be considered.
In other news the Audi Brand delivered 34,207 units in Asia in 1995.
I?m just putting the stats together right now for Germany....
18,474 in China (locally made and imports)
 8,517 in Japan
 2,258 in Taiwan
 1,671 in Australia
 1,107 in Thailand
   421 in Malaysia  (locally made)
  492 in Singapore
  407 in New Zealand
  451 in S. Korea
  144 in Brunei
   55 in New Caledonia
And a few odds and ends scattered throuhout the rest of Asia.
We have had real success in the past few months with a special
edition only for Singapore: A4 with 1.6L engine, automatic, a/c and
full power equipment. It slots into the 1600 cc. and below tax
classification, and retails for the equivalent of US$ 93,000. This
is a bargain by Singapore standards.   As you may imagine from the
specs, she?s no RS2 when it comes to performance.
Eric Carlson