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87 5kcstq questions (antenna won't extend fully)

As it happens, I worked on that exact problem last night ( antenna won't 
extend fully).  I took the antenna apart and tried to get it to extend by squirting
some penetrating lubricant into the back side of the mast without result. 
    I was successful when I used a pair of pliers (carefully) on one section and 
a pair of vise-grips on the other section twisted the two until they loosened a
little, then I pulled on the tip while the antenna was extending. Once it was up 
completely, I lubricated it with grease and ran it up and down a few times while
I pulled/pushed on the mast as it was moving. After a few times, it continued to
work without assistance.  

***BE CAREFUL, it would be a major bummer to crush the mast.****
                                                  Hope this helps 
                                  Mike Loeks
                                  86 5kcstq    red w/fuchs alloys
                                  86 5kcstq    grey wish it had fuchs alloys 
                                  84 Landcruiser Wagon (for sale)