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Re: hard shifting

In a message dated 96-01-09 20:36:24 EST, you write:

>And you are correct when you state Dot 4 is not bothered by heat as Dot 3.
>That's because since the 4 doesn't absorb water the way 3 does.  Therefore
>when it gets hot there isn't as much water to boil, causing fade and
>possibly VAPOR LOCK!!!!!

Hmmmm.....  The hot "cool" setup is to go to your bmw dealer and buy the
brake fluid there, it rivals the best of the rest......  NJTH.....  Vapor
lock would be a pretty extreme condition, and not sure if you never changed
your fluid that would happen by absorbsion......  Change the fluid once or
twice a year (more if you go to the track), and the DOT3/4 argument is
mute.....  Don't pour water in the brake lines and vapor lock won't be a