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Re: V-Belt not tight enough?


If it has been loose for a while, it may have finally got to the stage of
not charging at all.  What was the reading typically before it dropped to
21 V?

Regardless, you need to check and tighten the belt and see if it charges.
My guess is that it's more than a belt now.

>Car: 1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro
>  Today, the voltmeter started acting strange. It fell down to the 12
>mark, and as I was driving to and from work, it continued to fall until
>the car stopped. :( (I'd guess it was about 20-30 minutes of night driving)
>If the alternator belt is not tight enough, could this cause the system
>not to be recharged? (I know it is somewhat loose, as when it rains it
>starts to screech) I did jump the car, but the charge was lost after
>about 30-60 seconds.
>  Any suggestions?
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